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Goodreads Blog Post: Time to Write

I wrote a blog entry on my Goodreads author's blog about balancing writing with parenting and other tasks: Time to Write

I also updated my online bookstore to include some more excerpts of my essays book, The Art of Life.

This morning I also went to Water Aerobics and got KFP new shoes, since he grew a size in a month. Pretty successful day, wot?

Anime Article, Shoe-Shopping Villanelle

I feel like I'm perpetually running behind with no hope of catching up. It doesn't help that things keep breaking! Today I had to take my Ford Focus into the shop for the same problem that troubled us three weeks ago. Right now, they're apparently trying to figure out why two alternators have gone bad on it in less than a month. At least they're paying for a rental car for me!

I have had a few things published recently. Here are the links:

Article on Anime Culture, based on interviews conducted by a press member at Otakon.

A villanelle about sandal shopping, based on recent experiences with Graham. The villanelle can be a sing-songy form, so I decided to have fun with it.

Hope to get those Otakon pics up soon, but I've also got other things due this week. And so it goes...

Cool if You Don't Have to Clean it Up

I returned to my water aerobics class this morning for the first time since giving birth to our Kung Fu Panda. My classmates and instructor were happy to see me, and I got caught up with Ann, the elderly woman who used to chat with me every class. She was doing well, having recovered from eye surgery, but two of her friends had died in September. A married couple, they died within a week of each other.

Sadly, I learned that my instructor has had her share of heartache. Her dog, like mine, passed away from cancer. In her case, though, the dog was visibly sick for much longer, and they had to take her to the vet at the end to put her to sleep. I guess I should be thankful for the small blessing of Una's almost symptomless convalescence and her death at home.

Afterward, I did a little shopping at the grocery store, a process complicated by the fact that it was pouring down rain. I managed to get KFP into his Baby Bjorn carrier with a blanket over the top without getting more than a couple drops of rain on him. Everything went smoothly inside until we got to the checkout lane.

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Christmas cat

Merry Tasks

Most people look forward to the weekend as a time to laze around and relax. Me, I look forward to getting things done I can't achieve during the week.

This weekend, for me, was a good one. By the end of it, I had accomplished most of my Christmas tasks, sorted through some possible baby names, and made good progress on my book of personal essays. In a more minor consideration, I also worked through many of my DVR recordings.

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looking glass

Alternative to Nudity

Target gets a silver star when it comes to maternity clothes. To get a gold star, they'd simply to have more of the types of items they're currently selling. And maybe some casual wear and sleepwear.

The section was even easy to find: next to the plus size section. Back when I was plus sized, this might have bothered me, but I guess it makes more sense than shelving them next to the juniors.

Considering that they had a small number of racks, there was a good selection of casual and nicer clothes, including some dresses. I was amused to see that the maternity dresses they were selling were the same type of wrap dresses I discovered still work in my own wardrobe.

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