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Beloved by the Snow Gods

As you've probably heard, the snow gods have a crush on Philadelphia. They cannot get enough of us, hanging around and trying to get our attention. "Look how much I love you," they proclaim, dumping so much snow they've already broken the record for annual snowfall, and it's only February. "Look! Look at me!" they call, as the snow continues to fall. "Love me, love me!"

Philadelphians, with a sigh, pick up their collective snow shovels and say, "Gee, thanks."

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Snowpocalypse II Pics

Blame it on the snow. The weather put the kibosh on our plans to visit my dad for a belated celebration of his birthday. At first, forecasters thought the snow might miss us, but soon we had to admit it was coming right at us! A three-hour trip to Central Pennsylvania was no longer possible.

We did, however, make use of the weekend, adding more items to our baby registry, making reservations for Valentine's Day (provided we don't get socked with more snow), and redesigning my portfolio page. Not to mention me sorting through all the piled-up mail and doing some laundry. All this while 22 inches fell on the streets outside our rowhouse in the Philadelphia suburbs.

On Sunday, after the snow stopped, I ventured out to take some photos of the storm the blogosphere dubbed Snowpocalypse II.

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Snowy Meeting

On Saturday was another Otakon planning meeting. My husband, The Gryphon, and I carpooled down with The Dormouse and The Cheshire Cat. Despite tires that his garage has told him must be replaced at his next inspection in a month. The Dormouse's car handled well in the snow (except for a weird stretch of highway that was either icy or just uneven). We probably got about four inches total in Baltimore and somewhat less in Philly, almost none of it accumulating on the roads.

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Not Yet Spring

At one point last night, I actually thought we were just going to get rain. You could hear it, ping-pinging off the air conditioner. But it was not to be. We woke up to a world of white. Since we had left-overs, I figured I'd just shovel off the sidewalks, clean off the car, and stay home. Then I remembered we had a video due, by noon. My husband, The Gryphon, assured me that we could let it go for one more day, pay the extra fee. But I figured I'd just walk, pick up a few groceries on the way home.

On the way there, everything was hunky-dory. I was in a good mood, taking photos with my camera. Then, the wind and snow picked up, and I had to fight through it, with plastic bags digging into my gloved hands, cutting off the circulation. My hands are still numb at the fingertips, and it's been more than an hour.

At least my sidewalks and driveway are now cleared, we have enough groceries to last us most of the week, and I'm warm again. I even had some of the organic hot cocoa that I picked up around Christmastime but never opened. It probably would have tasted better if I had stirred it properly, but the sludge on the bottom was good.

And now, some photos from both my dog walk with Una and my trek to the store.

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